The Futureheads return with new, self-produced album

The Futureheads are resurrected with the release of their new album Powers. Recorded and self-produced at Newcastle’s First Avenue Studio, Powers is out August 30, 2019 via Nul Records.

Powers is a fun post punk album with complex composition and political overtures. Dynamic yet peppy, the album lures the listener in with the opening track “Jekyll.” My two standout tracks were “Animus” and “Don’t Look Now.” “Animus” has a great classic Euro post punk feel to it that I really dig and with the elongated vocals at the end of each lyric and the glowing melodies in the chorus, this track shines brightly early on in the album.

“Don’t Look Now” is a softer track but I felt more of the emotion in it.  “You’ve got that look in your eye again / and I’m always going to want you / Don’t Look now something’s happening.” The Lyrics just cut me to my core a bit. The album closes with “Mortals,” an avant garde track with climactic choruses containing bits of operatic elements.

Overall, Powers brings the showmanship and blends a jaunty style with precision instrumentals to curate a topsy turvy feel to well-polished recordings and the result is new wave success. Glad to see The Futureheads found their way back to each other and made their way into a new sound that has something to say.

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Jessi McKee

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