Corbin Giroux showcases versatility in new solo release

Corbin Giroux showcases the versatility of his musical talent on his latest EP entitled Losing the Race, released on August 17, 2019 via Walk A Mile Records. Giroux may be known as a veteran of the gone but not forgotten Downstream, or as a current member of Rarity who recently signed to New Damage Records and are preparing to release their sophomore album The Longest Lonesome on August 30, 2019.

While his songwriting as a member of Rarity may display a harder edge, Giroux slows things down on Losing the Race, but his songwriting as a solo artist is no less superb. Giroux combines poignant vocals with adept guitar melodies on Losing the Race, particularly on lead single and the EP’s starting point, “Maggie.” The result is a strong collection of five tracks that is somewhat reminiscent of The Lyndsay Diaries.

Giroux’s solo effort outside of the excellent music he creates as part of his endeavors in Rarity showcase his multifaceted gifts. While Giroux has shared his solo material via live performances alongside Rare Candy (the solo project of Belmont bassist Alex Wieringa) as well as Safe Bet, further touring is in the works for this project. If Losing the Race is any indication, Giroux’s solo project is an undertaking that should not end anytime soon.

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