Certainty set to release new album, surpasses all expectations

Good things come to those who wait.  The adage holds true for music fans and artists alike, and is particularly true when it comes to Temporary Love by Ontario quintet Certainty.  After working on the effort for two years, the album is due for release on August 16, 2019.  It has certainly been worth the wait.

The slow tempo at the beginning of lead single “Pretty Eyes” quickly explodes into a poppy masterpiece, while the album’s title track showcases the talent Certainty models by incorporating a harder edge into their generally cheery instrumentation. The trippy “Headaches” is unquestionably the highlight of the album, combining a hauntingly beautiful guitar hook with the buoyant vocals of frontman Brent McSwiggan.  The rest of the tracks on Temporary Love hold together, resulting in a well-rounded collection.

The band have handled the challenges they’ve faced with grace and resolve, and the future is bright for Certainty.  Having toured with the likes of Unturned (No Sleep Records), the band is managed by Cory Bergeron of Locket (Fearless Records).  They will celebrate the release of Temporary Love on October 16th in London, Ontario supporting Calling All Captains and Trash Boat.  The wait has been worth it for the band and for music fans as Temporary Love surpasses all expectations.  Certainty is without a doubt a band worthy of your attention.

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