Victory Lane recently released new EP that is both honest and endearing

With their recent EP Barebones released on July 26, 2019 via Standby Records, Victory Lane follow in the footsteps of the likes of As It Is and ROAM in being the latest band to make a stellar contribution to pop-punk from the UK.

Lead single “Happy Sad” is full of upbeat energy while exploring the theme of perseverance through hard times.  It fits well alongside the opener of the EP “Just Personal” which is full of infectious guitar hooks and questions the future as lead singer Dan Lamb sings “Now I’m stuck at the crossroads, would you help me find my way?”

Taken together, the five tracks that comprise Barebones are spirited musically while simultaneously being extremely heavy lyrically, a structure very fitting to Victory Lane’s genre.  While these realities are seemingly dichotomous, the result is actually a release that is honest and therefore endearing.  Barebones ensures that Victory Lane is indeed on the right track.

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Dan Bowyer

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