Slipknot brings the intensity with new album ‘We Are Not Your Kind’

Slip. Fucking. Knot.

When Slipknot released the “All Out Life” single last year, I was impressed. It was heavy, intense and brought out a side of the band that had been fading since Iowa. The chant in the end of that track, “We are not your kind,” became the mantra for the band. “All Out Life” isn’t included on the brand new album We Are Not Your Kind, out as of August 9, 2019 via Roadrunner Records, but the intensity is the same. The band has new masks, a new percussionist (essentially a dude banging on a steel keg with a mallet, making that signature Slipknot sound) and a rejuvenated attitude.

The singles on this album are phenomenal. “Unsainted” is the first full track on the album and it starts with a choir chant. When Corey Taylor comes in singing over the choir you can hear that grit, but the explosion that follows brings a fury that is only slightly halted by the surprising catchy chorus.  “Solway Firth” is the last track and is one of the most intense songs I’ve heard in awhile. The opening reminds me of a horror movie, creepy to say the least, and the percussion is featured here with some unique sounds.

My favorite track is “Orphan.” It starts with a cool bass riff and when the full band comes in it opens with a stop-fill with silence lingering between. Taylor puts on a clinic with amazing screams and heavy vocals leading into, again, a catchy engaging chorus.  “A Liar’s Funeral” is another interesting track. It is a slower, melancholy song that has a unique explosion in the chorus (long enough to scream “LIAR”) and then eases back down.

“Nero Forte” has the potential to be a pretty big success. A strong riff opens the track with the usual intensity. The vocals are fast, which is always fun to hear, and the chorus has a cool key change that alters the feel. “Red Flag” is another song with huge star potential with its larger-than-life riffs and memorable chorus.

Slipknot has been around for decades with no signs of slowing down. Corey Taylor may be the biggest rock star in the world right now and his work with Slipknot and Stone Sour are unparalleled, even if they are vastly different. It’s good to see the aggressive side of Slipknot come back out. If you haven’t delighted your earholes with this album yet… what are you waiting for, maggots? Make sure to check out the HUGE Knotfest roadshow this summer featuring Slipknot, Gojira, Volbeat, and Behemoth!

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