Reclaimer drops aggressive new EP ‘Grief Enslaved’

British metal band Reclaimer released their sophomore EP Grief Enslaved August 2, 2019 via Famined Records. With topics dealing with reliving memories and mental illness, surrounded by heavy breakdowns coupled with strong vocals from Harrison Cook, each song stands out on its own.

The guitars are the driving force in “Let’s Go” with bold vocals from Cook complementing the instrumentation. Letting go of someone is always hard, whether you loved the person or were just attached, and the longing in the lyrics hits an emotional chord. The song concludes with the repeating lyric “I’m just trapped in a constant haze,” imitating that confined confusion.

Each song flows well, from the first to the last, creating an individualized lasting impression for the listener. “Closed Letter,” one of my favorite songs off the EP, made me wonder what it might be about from its title, but what drew me in was how the guitars seemingly propel the song while Cook’s vocals actually move it forward. When the song breaks and it’s just the guitars, I yearned to hear more. I could not identify why I felt such a strong connection until I listened a few more times. I felt as if “Closed Letter” is about closing a chapter in life, toward someone that is toxic. I may be wrong, but I associate this song with a chapter I closed recently.

Grief Enslaved is for those who have dealt with a lot, stemming from relationships-gone-bad to just facing the demons in your own head. It has the aggressive instrumentation that anyone can headbang to with deep content anyone can identify with it.

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