Lilith encourages fans to stand up for what they deserve with new album ‘Safer Off,’ out this Friday

Boston-band Lilith releases their new album Safer Off Friday August 9, 2019 via Take This to Heart Records. Lilith is Hannah Liuzzo – guitar/vocals, Kelsey Rose Francis – bass/vocals and drummer Adam Demirjian delivering delicate and dreamy vocal stylings of pop rock music. Safer Off carries a message of hometown superheroics: promoting safety and saving yourself and others from people who take and not give, cowards, emotional distance and then more cowards. So burn those bridges babies and let’s jump into the tracks.

Safer Off starts with “Vacation,” a pep stepped bop and with telling lyrics like “you’re convoluted, you’re the enemy of every love you’ve suited” we find ourselves in for a breaking up/moving on album. There is certainly a theme here, substandard relationships and the courage to cut the ties float into just about every song.

Moving down the album “Garden” stands out, drenched in echoing, airy vocals paired with the deep bass chords and sharp guitar slides this contribution renders a really beautiful song with a nostalgic feel and a bit deja vu inducing.

The lyrics on “Decency” grab my attention, “So I guess I could probably just fake it, if you’d believe me all the time. My sense of needing to explain it, is slowly fading to be fine. Waste my time, Lose my mind.” Many of us have found ourselves at this fork in the round and maybe this song and album will empower some listeners out there to quit wasting their time and focus on the genuine relationship opportunities out there for ourselves. The album closes out with a reprise of an earlier-listed track “Coward,” a magnificent piano rendition to neatly sew up the record.

Overall, Safer Off encourages the listener to stand up for what they deserve in a pop rock, dream-gaze glam delivery. Moving away from home and safe genres or conventional pop music it seems Lilith are doing the right things to move on and move up with Safer Off, blazing a path to a brighter and more successful future.

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