Proper. releases new album about self-love and overcoming life’s challenges

Brooklyn-based Proper. has a hot new album out July 26th, I Spent the Summer Writing Songs About Getting Better, via Big Scary Monsters. With an overwhelming takeaway of self-love and overcoming the challenges of life, this 14-track album is both unique and modern.  I Spent the Summer Writing Songs About Getting Better stares into the face of the challenges Vocalist Erik Garlinton faced growing up queer and black in middle America and the self-love that has come in the years since.

The album opens with a reprise and then flies into “Curtain’s Down,” a spring loaded ode to the life of a musician. The lyrics speak brutal truths of the determination of the artist with lines like “there’s always someone in the front row talking louder than I”  and “this is it, it’s it for me, spent my whole life under dull lights, cuz that’s where I wanna be.” This song is an all too real bop that will hit close to home for all of us working towards living out our dreams.

A fun and nostalgic track comes to light early on with “No Loitering,” throwing us back to 2006 with memories of high school for Proper. with echoing and riverbed vocals mixed with evocative and rad guitar tunes. The song has nods to Harry Potter, Martin reruns and slacking through class in the all-too-familiar tune that indulges in the reminiscence of growing up in the mid 2000s.

“White Sheep” is another beautiful track that focuses on the struggles faced in one’s adolescence and the challenges we at times face with our family and the heartwarming achievement of forgiving the ones who help rebuild the bridges with you.

With a plethora of bright and ringing guitar chords, I Spent the Summer Writing Songs About Getting Better is not only a lyrical achievement of depth, significant and relevance but a musical feat of delight that keeps you locked in and wondering where the instrumentals might go next. With the complex drum accompaniment and perfectly accented bass chords, each song is more satisfying than the last. With nods to the punk, pop punk and alternative genres, Proper. accomplishes a complete autobiographical narrative in a compelling and gratifying delivery of I Spent the Summer Writing Songs About Getting Better.

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