Inkcarceration 2019 spotlight

Inkcarceration kicked off its sophomore year of the hard rock and tattoo fest featuring 30 bands and 70 tattoo artists and held in Mansfield, OH. The experience was out of this world and I look forward to many more years of this festival.

Friday, Day one of the fest, kicked off with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus followed by Skillet and concluded the day with Taking Back Sunday. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus took the stage first, and while I’ve seen them a few times now (one included an acoustic set), I was blown away.

Photo: Taylor Wells

Next up was Skillet. I’ve never seen them perform live, so it was a completely new experience for me. I can admit I’m more partial to their older music, but it was obvious they know how to draw a crowd!

To finish the day, Taking Back Sunday took the stage. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen TBS, but that’s okay (not to mention I’ll be attending their two-night show in Cincinnati come October). I always enjoy their stage presence, especially at outdoor venues, and their set was easily my highlight of the entire weekend.

Photo: Taylor Wells

Sunday, day three, started with Rivals followed by Issues, Starset and ended with From Ashes To New. Rivals was a band I was unfamiliar with prior but left their set a fan. The band’s stage presence was full of energy and each track had a personal story and experience, something I personally love to see.

Photo: Taylor Wells

I loosely caught Issues set while waiting for the next band to come on. I’ve seen the band a couple times now (previously at Warped Tour) and their crowd was undoubtedly the most interactive I experienced all weekend.

Next up was Starset, and believe me when I say, they know how to entertain. I’ve seen them a handful of times (they are a Columbus-based band) and each performance is unlike the last. Their set is always a surprise and that’s the coolest part of the experience – not knowing what you’ll see.

Photo: Taylor Wells

I concluded the music-filled weekend with From Ashes To New and it was a perfect band to end with. Their music has so much power and emotion behind them.

Inkcarceration was a weekend I will never forget and an experience I cannot put into words. I’ve attended multiple festivals and this was one of the most enjoyable and well-put-together. I’m a little, actually a lot, sunburnt and sore (man, I’m getting old) but forever grateful for the opportunity I was given.

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