One Life To Lead set to release new album ‘Visions of Grandeur’ this Friday

Are you still searching for the perfect album to compliment your summer of 2019? Well, look no further than the new album from One Life To Lead, Visions of Grandeur, out July 26, 2019. The album contains a masterful blend of fun pop punk vibes, thick easycore and nu-metal riffs and also presents listeners with a uniquely refreshing injection of R&B and hip hop that elevates this band’s genre to nu-punk.

Throughout the album listeners will be delighted to hear One Life To Lead has stuck to their classic pop punk feel to serve as a sort of anchor for the rest of the album. Even as listeners discover the layers of various genres blending within each track they will still find that each song can be tethered together with a thread of pop punk woven along as the album progresses. “Be Honest” is my favorite example of the way this band can seamlessly fuse multiple genres into their songs.

By far the most important track on this album is “Open Letter.” This groovy, bass-driven song is a powerful testament of what life is like as a minority in the US. It touches on the perpetual struggle, the cyclical injustice and the incessant threat of danger faced by many African Americans in today’s America. The compelling lyrical work in this dynamic song gives listeners some insight of what life is like for thousands of black Americans throughout the country. A crispy snare and cymbal beat is paired with the groovy bass to create a minimalistic instrumental background and draws the focus of the song into the poignant lyrics. The bridge builds into a frenzied vocal and instrumental apex that will leave any true punk’s soul inspired and yearning to take action about the injustices faced by our fellow Americans.

The titular song, “Visions of Grandeur,” is as an ode to their fans and the band’s journey in music thus far. The lyrics admit that the experience has been “better than [they] dreamt,” and that they are “only getting started,” in their music careers. As the last song of the album, One Life To Lead flexes their cumulative talent as a band and bends the rules of song structure to further enforce that they are here to push the boundaries of music and genres.

Visions of Grandeur has all the essential components to be my go-to summer favorite. The combination of head-bobbing punk riffs, relatable pop punk lyrics and groovy R&B beats throughout come together to create an album that is perfect to toss on whether you have friends over or you simply need a soundtrack to fill your day. Either way, One Life To Lead has you covered this summer.”

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