Orchards release new self-titled EP, may be the hard rock soundtrack of summer

The new self-titled EP from Texas-based metal band Orchards, may be the soundtrack of my summer.  It is fun, heavy and everything I need in new music.  I will admit, I struggled to find a lot of info about the band, as they share a name with a UK pop band that is on the rise, but the music speaks for itself and in a big way.  Orchards draws a lot of huge parallels to some of my favorite bands with elements of Motionless in White, Beartooth and at times even KoRn.

The EP kicks off with the single “Paralyze Me,” a song that absolutely floors me every time.  The production value is as good as anything you will hear on hard rock radio.  The chorus is absolutely huge and engaging.  The verse line is unique and blends some of the rap/metal elements that are on the rise and the breakdown is an amazing build to a massive explosion to lead into the final chorus of the song.

“Loser” comes on strong with heavy riffs and distorted vocals.  The song opens into a huge chorus that is easy to sing along to and has a solid melody that is a departure from the heaviness of the verse. “Manic” is the heaviest song on the album.  It is fast and in your face from beginning to end and is perfectly placed in the middle of the EP.  The song pushes itself forward and is a very solid, heavy track.

My favorite track on the EP is “Sick Like Me.”  The song is heavy and almost experimental.  There is a huge hook in the chorus that gives this track a life of its own.  There is also a unique, full rap verse in the breakdown.  At times, the instrumentation reminds me of classic KoRn with some of the spoken vocals and bass grinds.

The final song on the EP is “Seeing Red” and ends the album in a big way.  The track is heavy and has a lot of life to it from start to finish.  The final riff and chorus after the breakdown end the EP on a very high note.

This EP is a sign of big things to come.  The quality is amazing and their sound is unique in its own right with enough elements of what is successful in hard rock and heavy metal today to put them over the top.  Make sure you check out this EP, available now via We Are Triumphant, and support this up-and-coming band!

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