Sad Summer Fest kicks off first date, tips and advice for concertgoers

Starting out in Dallas, TX. was a bold move for Sad Summer Fest as it reached temperatures up to 100°; nonetheless, everyone still showed up and had a great time.

It being the first date of the inaugural 13-city fest, no one knew how it would be set up or really much about it. While each city may have varying times, doors did open as planned at 2:00 pm and some band members were greeting fans as they entered.  As I arrived I saw Evan from State Champs, John from The Maine, Derek from Mayday Parade and all of Oh, Weatherly with more bands circulating around throughout the day.

Photo: Alex Phillips

My biggest tip is to stay hydrated and seek shade when not watching a band onstage! Many people were needing medical attention due to the heat – the sun can be brutal so bring an empty, reusable water bottle with you and be sure to frequently visit the free water refill stations or food trucks that sell water for cheap. Another must is sunscreen. Even if you don’t burn easily or think you don’t need it, trust me you do.

To continue with the setup of the event, there was only one stage and set times were posted the morning of, for the most part. Merch setup is very similar to Warped Tour with lines of tents for each band. If you want to know the merch prices, or what some of it looks like, check out this cool thread on Twitter, here.

The food truck setup is local trucks from the area, and as far as Dallas went it was all pretty reasonably priced, in addition to vegan and vegetarian options. There are also tents where you can purchase alcohol. I don’t drink, but if you do, know your limits. It may be very hot out for your city/date – don’t consume more alcohol than water! I wasn’t use to the Texas heat being from Delaware so I just sat under a tent during the sets I didn’t care to be in the pit for and I’d suggest doing that at some point in the day.

Photo: Alex Phillips

The overall setup and approach for Sad Summer is fairly simple and accessible. The final piece of insight left to add is there’s about a 30-minute changeover in between each of the headliners and set times will depend on the date since they rotate.

I hope this helps anyone going to Sad Summer Fest and that you all have fun and stay hydrated! Feel free to DM me on Twitter or Instagram with any other questions you have.

Feature photo credited to Lizzie McGuire

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