New Music Friday: July 12, 2019

It’s wild how fast 2019 is flying by. I can remember working on the very first New Music Friday piece in January, excited and hopeful for what we would all experience throughout the year with new bands, new music and a ton of content. Here we are around the mid-point of July, and past the halfway mark of 2019, and I have not been disappointed once with the creativity, passion and art pouring from the community. Help us in our journey to lift up others, support music and create an inclusive environment for all to enjoy by telling a friend about some new music you found today!

U.S. Highball – Great Record

Recommended by Angelo Gargaro

Girlfriend Material – Cool Car

Recommended by Elliott Spagat

Check out Elliott’s review of Cool Car, here.

Long Gone – Something Better

Recommended by Sammi Mika and Angelo Gargaro

Pretty Vicious – Beauty of Youth

Recommended by Angelo Gargaro


Recommended by Sammi Mika

K.FLAY – Solutions

Recommended by Elliott Spagat

Lights – Skin&Earth Acoustic

Recommended by Dani Bookheimer and Elliott Spagat

What are your thoughts on the new music that dropped this week? Did we miss anything from your favorite band/artist? Let us know in the comments down below or hit us up on Twitter: @SpinThoughts!

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TAGS: U.S. Highball | Girlfriend Material | Long Gone | Pretty Vicious | BONES UK | K.FLAY | Lights

Angelo Gargaro

Twitter: @SpinThoughts

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