Dashboard Confessional releases ‘Now Is Then Is Now,’ joins Big Picture Media

On Friday June 21, Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional surprised his fans with a three-album release entitled Now Is Then Is Now, a special re-imagination and rerecording of DC’s most beloved records: A Mark A Mission, A Brand, A Scar (2003), Dusk and Summer (2007) and Alter The Ending (2009). Carrabba felt nostalgic after reflecting on songs he originally wrote two decades ago, and decided to strip down the collections that impacted both his fans and career the most. “I think my best records are behind me and right in front of me,” Carrabba says.

For the majority of Dashboard Confessional’s career, the band has been best known for its lively full-band instrumentation. However, it’s important to note the band started with Carrabba, alone, singing and writing songs with his acoustic guitar. Having his music come to life with fully-orchestrated arrangements over the years has always been surreal, but there was a part of Carrabba that wondered what it would be like to record his songs as they were written: acoustically, in their simplest form. Now Is Then Is Now is a raw and creative take on the music that defined the 2000s punk scene, giving both new and older listeners alike the opportunity to hear the heartfelt lyrics and melodies written by Chris Carrabba.

As the newest addition to the Big Picture Media roster, Dashboard Confessional is gearing up to perform at several festivals across the US this summer as well as special acoustic tour across the UK in the Fall.

What do you guys think about bands beginning to reimagine and rerecord older releases? I am personally in favor of it. As an artist myself, I think this allows bands the opportunity to explore all that their music is capable of, both sonically and lyrically. Plus, I think it pays tribute to the fans that have been around at the start of artists’ careers and can shed even more light on the meaning and inspirations behind beloved tracks. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a do-over, and the ability to fix a lyric or change a guitar part can be refreshing! What are your thoughts?

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