Propersleep – ‘Propersleep’ EP

Propersleep‘s self-titled EP is the latest from the Raleigh-based band. Formed in 2014, the band was originally known as Magnolia, releasing their debut EP Familiar Sounds in 2015. After signing to Cardigan Records, the band re-branded into propersleep in 2017 and released their follow-up EP Transitions in 2017, followed by their debut album Feels Like Leaving in 2018. After amicably splitting with Cardigan Records in early 2019, the band headed to New Jersey to record this latest EP with Gary Cioni of Crime In Stereo.

Describing themselves as “at home” with early-2000s nostalgia, the band showcases that all throughout this new EP. Propersleep have a sound that masterfully blends the early-2000’s emo and pop punk sound with indie rock and I can’t get enough of it. Listening to this EP, I definitely got some Taking Back Sunday vibes as well as being reminded of the first time I heard bands like Bonfires and A Will Away.

Propersleep shows they have a knack for writing catchy and emotionally charged songs on tracks like “Tidal Wave,” “Perspective” and definitely “Way Out.” “Way Out” was the first song I heard from the band and was hooked instantly by the chorus and the sound of the guitars on this track. I’ve found myself singing it both intentionally and unintentionally since hearing it.

Instrumentally we hear some heavier moments on tracks like “Hazy” and “Old Wounds,” displaying the band is a force to be reckoned with. The final track “Cold Sweats” is a great closer with lyrics about trying to get over a relationship or a certain someone. I love the sound of the guitar riffs here and the whole track just comes together beautifully.

If you’re a fan of that 2000’s emo sound and also a fan of indie rock, Propersleep’s new self-titled EP is a must-listen. The band blends together and blurs the line between genres delivering one hell of a release that leaves me wanting more and excitement for what this band will bring forth in the future.

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