Every once in a while an album or EP comes along that I can instantly picture in the background of a certain scene and elevates the tone even more so. Picture a night out with friends, denim jackets covered in pins and patches, maybe some dumb decisions made prior. The windows down, cruising through a part of town that you may not know, only accompanied by those around you, a song playing over the speakers and the hum of the neon signs in shop windows. That’s what I picture when listening to EXNATIONS and their upcoming new EP Pink Haze, due for release June 28, 2019, and it is absolutely magical.

The first track “Tether” makes you want to dance and spin in the rain on a sidewalk like no one else in the world could be around you. The song beautifully fades into the next track and the album marches on from there. “John Hughes Movie Soundtrack” goes on to paint the vivid picture that you’d see in a movie with the actor mentioned and I sincerely get a Sixteen Candles meets a side of The Breakfast Club vibe. My favorite song off the EP is definitely “Modern Kids,” the bouncey beat and resounding lyricism makes for an epic track that I definitely recommend.

To sum up, if you appreciate the ambience of artists like The 1975 or MUNA you’d most definitely vibe with Pink Haze by EXNATIONS. Be sure to check it out this Friday, and hit me back with what you think! I’d love to hear what track is your favorite and why.

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