Album review: Motionless In White – ‘Disguise’

Metal comes in all shapes and sizes.  Some of my favorite elements are heavy-driving riffs, melancholy minor key melodies, group vocals and theatrics.  It’s intriguing when a band is heavy and dark but doesn’t take themselves too seriously and Motionless in White is the embodiment of this excitement.  Back with their fifth studio album Disguise, out as June 7 via Roadrunner Records, the Scranton, PA based goth rock group aims to build on the success of 2017’s Graveyard Shift.

The two singles on the album do not disappoint.  The title track “Disguise” is the opener and it grabs your attention out of the gate.  The band has a tendency to put an over-the-top, heavy song at the front end of the album.  This track brings the heavy while also contributing one of the more big and catchy moments of the record with the bridge and chorus.  “Brand New Numb” is the bigger crossover appeal of the two.  Positioned at the end of the album, this over the top singalong track channels the comparison to Marilyn Manson and runs with it.

“” shows a whole lot of promise as a memorable single from this album.  The song stands out with a huge, catchy hook and has a tangible nu-metal influence and feel and could possibly be the band’s first big crossover radio success.  The lyrics “Let’s get this fire started” were changed before the album’s release as an homage to Keith Flint of The Prodigy.

My favorite track on the album is “Thoughts & Prayers,” a heavy, riff-driven journey that sticks out for its brutal, aggressive approach and is easily the heaviest track on the album.  Another stand out track is “Headache;” with its impressive bass line and heavy groove this song is unique while also playing into the theatrics of the album as a whole.

One thing that always stands out to me about Motionless In White is the straight up clinic that Chris Motionless puts on for every album.  The vocal performance is incredible – the clean vocals are crisp and the heavy screams are in full force, something that was largely missing from Graveyard Shift.  Disguise is a solid effort from beginning to end and definitely something to check out!

If you have 50 minutes to kill, check out the detailed documentary released by the band, “The Making of ‘Disguise.'”


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