Album review: Telethon – ‘Hard Pop’

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Telethon hit hard and fast like hail on a rooftop during a rain storm, but in a good way.  The first notes, jangly guitars, punchy synths and animated keys define their forthcoming record Hard Pop, due for release on June 21, 2019 via Take This to Heart Records.  The LP as a whole is a high-energy roller coaster ride that the listener hopes will not end.

The effort is something to be savored and could easily be the soundtrack to a feel-good 80s movie where the underdog protagonist eventually triumphs.

Pristine pop gems such as “(I Guess You’d Call It) An Undertone” and “Chimney Rock” populate the landscape that Telethon lay out on Hard Pop while “(Time to Lean) This Whole Building Runs On Windows 98” is simultaneously the album’s most hilarious and creative song title.  Despite Hard Pop being the band’s fifth full-length album since their inception many may be hearing of Telethon for the first time, but that’s a good thing.  The greater the number of people that can experience their infectious, joyful mix of creativity, the better.  John Hughes would definitely approve.

TAGS: Telethon | Take This To Heart Records

Dan Bowyer

Twitter: @39dgb

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