Interview with Wes Hoffman, new single out now

Wes Hoffman, St. Louis’ positive punk-fueled artist dropped a new single “Fastest Gun in the West” on June 14, 2019. I sat down with Hoffman to discuss the new song, upcoming shows, ask about his writing process and the St. Louis music scene!

ST: The new song, “Fastest Gun in the West” is rad! It sounds like it addresses some loss, finding your path and looking on the bright side. What’s the inspiration behind “Fastest Gun in the West?”

WH: Yes! There is a bit about the never-ending stress and difficulty of living life, but through that, focusing on your purpose, living in the moment and not caring about what other people think.

ST: What’s something you hope fans take away from the song?

WH: You have to take the good with the bad, and focus on what’s important, but learning from the hard times and keeping those lost relationships difficult times as reminders of how far we’ve come. 

ST: I always wonder what everyone’s writing process looks like. Do you hunker down in your office and write? Do the ideas just kind of hit you one day and do the melodies or lyrics precede each other? 

WH: Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and recording. I usually start with a riff or a drumbeat and record it in GarageBand. That’s how this song started out. After recording, I’m able to listen to it in Dropbox in my office and car, share it with the other guys, and let the melodies just kinda come through inspiration.

ST: Chris did another amazing job with the artwork for this single. How did you come to the flag/gun idea? 

WH: Actually that was all Chris Mollet! He did a great job with the artwork. I have him a direction and concept, but he took it and ran with it and it turned out better than I imagined! He’s a really good guy to work with and has become a good friend of mine too. 

ST: Can we expect more singles, an EP or a full length album soon from Wes Hoffman? 

WH: Yes! I’m planning on putting another single out in August or September and hopefully will have an EP with 5 or so songs on it by the end of the year. I’m planning on doing all that with my friend Justin Unterseh from Train Set Club, who also plays drums on the recording and in the band. 

ST: You have a show coming up soon in August, Floor Fest IV! Have you played the fest before? Which band are you most excited to see perform? 

WH: I have not played the fest before, but I couldn’t be more excited! This seems like an awesome time that reminds me of when I was a kid, playing VFW halls and bowling alleys in Illinois growing up. I’m always stoked to see Hard Loss and just hang out with a bunch of other positive, punk and hardcore kids. We’ll make sure to play an awesome show and will be playing some new songs at Floor Fest for sure! 

ST: A “just for fun” because I always like to know musicians’ opinions: What’s you favorite venue to play in St. Louis (or surrounding area) and why? 

WH: I played Delmar Hall a couple of years ago with a different band, Why Not, when they first opened. The sound was amazing and staff was super hospitable. I also love the sound at The Firebird and have enjoyed playing there a few times now. I’m really a sucker for a good floor/VFW show though. That’s why the first show with this solo music project was at the upstairs of Pat Connolly’s. It had the feel of an old punk show from when I was 18 or 19. 

“Fastest Gun in the West” is another installment in the positive and encouraging music Hoffman brings to the music world. The message of living in the moment displayed in this song is one we could all be reminded of more often. With upbeat, quick-paced punk aesthetic and a rally cry to battle through the storm, “Fastest Gun in the West” is another stunner of a song from Hoffman.

Keep an eye out for more news on an upcoming EP from Hoffman before December. Don’t miss Floor Fest IV at the Affton Elks Lodge #2635, 6330 Heege Rd, St. Louis 63123, St. Louis, United States Saturday August 10th. Wes will be joined at Floor Fest IV by Hard Loss, Unimagined, City of Parks, Man the Helm, The Winks, The Few, K*ll Their Past, Cover Letter, Skylines, The Day After (Indianapolis), Famous Last Words (Acoustic), Gossip Machine, Calloway Circus, and Ryan Cheney (STEEPLES, Fivefold, tickets are available here for $10.00).

Keep up-to-date with Hoffman via his social media:
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Jessi McKee

Twitter: @jmckeephotos

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