Should there be a My Chemical Romance reunion?

Every few weeks it seems Twitter is trending with some sort of idea that My Chemical Romance is gearing up for one of the most anticipated band reunions our music community has ever seen. Most recently during an interview Joe Jonas dropped some fiery rumors that MCR was rehearsing in a space near them in New York and now everyone wants their father to take them into the city to see a marching band.

MCR officially hung up their Black Parade outfits in 2013 and the music community has not stopped hoping, wishing and praying for their return since. The band recently celebrated the 15 year anniversary of 2004’s Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and are rounding the corner to celebrating that same milestone for 2006’s The Black Parade. With so many other bands pushing tours to commemorate these types of musical accomplishments it seems reasonable to think MCR might capitalize in a similar way. The question I ask, and it may be rhetorical… should they?

The former members of MCR have not been quiet with their own individual music endeavors outside the beloved band. Gerard Way has graced us with Umbrella Academy, in addition to some really great solo music. Frank Iero just released his new album on May 31 titled Barriers via Frank Iero and The Future Violents and both Ray Toro and Mikey Way have been putting out their own music as well. There is something to be said about the individuals of any band and their own creativity and passions. I see many artists that are best known for their previous contributions in other bands desperately trying to distance themselves from that work in an attempt to continue their own growth and evolution, an endeavor that is not easy to accomplish.

I find it to be very important to look beyond previous contributions and support artists in their current outfits. There is nothing worse than seeing interviews with artists that overlook their current work only to lean back toward already established material. While I am sure these conversations are flattering I also assume many artists feel frustration toward this repetition and lack of awareness toward their present art and creativity.

Allow me to officially state that if MCR actually does reunite I will not be mad. I also want to clarify that I am a fan of the band, so why do I not want to see a reunion? There’s a lot of layers to this field of thought, many resulting in more questions than answers, and I’m going to share some of them with you now.

What kind of reunion would it be?

Bands discontinue for a plethora of reasons: life, mental health, money, artistic dissonance and more. Bands also reunite for varying reasons: missing their fans, feeling a new sense of inspiration, wanting to get back on the road, money, unrelenting passion and so on. The impact and intent of these reunions vary with each band and sometimes it is solely to celebrate a milestone and nothing more (i.e. The Starting Line). Other times it is a full-blown reincarnation that shakes established fans and intrigues new ones (i.e. The Dangerous Summer).

If a MCR reunion is looming I would be very interested to learn what exactly that meant and I will continue to expand on those elements below.

Will there be new music?

Many active bands are currently pushing out “recycled” music in the form of deluxe versions of previous albums, reimaginations, acoustic reiterations and more. As referenced earlier in this piece, MCR is currently celebrating the 15 year anniversary of 2004’s Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. Many bands never see this kind longevity with previously released music, especially those that are no longer active. For me, a MCR reunion makes sense to capitalize on these milestones via a special edition release, vinyl reissues, deluxe content with alternate versions of songs and more.

If there is to be new music with a hypothetical MCR reunion what kind of experience would that be? Will it be reminiscent of their earlier material or would the band be looking to break new ground and propel the genre into the future? If there is to be new music I would want to see the band take 10 steps forward and completely shake up what we expect from them. Nostalgia is contagiously addictive but new art is always preferred, in my eyes.

Will there be a tour?

I would assume the obvious answer to this question is a resounding “yes.” Bands make the most impact with their fans, and money, when on the road. If there is a MCR reunion I see touring almost being a guarantee vs. the potential of real, new music. Would I be into seeing them perform any of their previously released albums in its entirety? Hell yes! To me, this angle makes the most amount of sense but would a tour be enough to meet the demands and expectations of fans and the music community?

Will people be satisfied?

No. Not all people will be satisfied. That is an impossible task for any band to achieve. Actually, a great life lesson can be learned in this scenario as it is often not realistic to please everyone in most situations. With bands, there tends to be an ownership that fans acquire resulting in feeling personally slighted if their expectations are not met and that’s a lot of pressure to put on a group. A great example of this can be found when any band announces a tour and the inevitable backlash from those whose cities are not represented on the route.

What would this do to the mystique and mysticism the MCR brand has created?

This is probably the most difficult question to pose and answer because it is very subjective and specific to the individual. Overall, a MCR reunion will have some effect on the current vibe surrounding the name. Supply and demand applies here. People want what they don’t/can’t have. Right now we don’t have MCR and we desperately want it; however, could a reunion change the perception of the band, and if so, is it more likely to be a positive or a negative one? Sometimes there is beauty in things ending and relying on the feelings and memories of the past to preserve that shine.

Overall, this is a good place for us to be in. No matter if the current Jonas Brothers rumors are true or not we still have an amazing collection of albums and music from one of the most impactful, influential bands to exist in the scene. Additionally, the former members are still insanely productive and who can complain about gaining four different avenues of art and creativity? While I am not canvasing fire halls and music clubs to petition for a MCR reunion, I would be the first in line to experience the revitalization of such a beloved group of people and their music.

What do you think about the current rumors initiated by Joe Jonas that a MCR reunion may be happening? Do you want to see the band get back together? If so, are you hoping for new music or a walk down memory lane? Leave it in the comments down below or engage with us on Twitter: @spinthoughts!

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Angelo Gargaro

Twitter: @SpinThoughts


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