Album review: Mike Frazier – ‘Where the Valley Kissed the Sky’

With diverse inspirations from The Clash to Tom Petty, singer/songwriter Mike Frazier and his new album Where the Valley Kissed the Sky is nothing short of a success. Featuring nine Americana/Alt-Country sounding tracks, the album is set for release May 31, 2019 via Geneva Records.

According to Frazier, “A lot of this record is about how society has devalued the human being and teaches us to rely on institutions to save us. People are being told to look to politicians, or preachers, or businessmen, to buy into rhetoric to solve their problems. But you don’t have to believe what you’re being told.”

While I’m confident many people know this sound isn’t something I’d usually be first in line for, I’m happy to admit I enjoyed this album and opened my ears to something new. Where the Valley Kissed the Sky is beautifully composed and written and I’m blown away by how much it impressed me.

“Lilac Grow” and “Stay the Same” stood out most to me with their contrasting sounds and I believe they help show how diverse this album truly is. Where The Valley Kissed The Sky tells a story, and to me, that is the best part.

“You’re worth more than you’re being sold.” – Mike Frazier

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Taylor Wells

Twitter: @mylifeastaylor_

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