Album review: Real Friends – ‘Even More Acoustic Songs’

Sometimes looking at things from different angles provides new perspective.  Sitting behind the plate during a Chicago Cubs game is much different than taking a spot in the upper deck of Wrigley Field, for example.  The upcoming EP from Real FriendsEven More Acoustic Songs, due for release on May 31, 2019 via Fearless Records provides a new perspective on four of the tracks that first appeared on their album Composure that will celebrate its first anniversary of release this coming July.

The Chicago-area natives have acoustically reimagined “Composure,” “From the Outside,” “Get By” and “Me First” providing another layer of depth to an already very meaningful quartet of the bands’ songs.  These tracks in their original form inherently evoke an emotional response, yet the acoustic versions elicit a reaction that is all the more poignant.  Sadness might sell, but that isn’t the point here. These songs are real.

As the band has moved to a place of greater experience as professional musicians their music is moving to greater levels of refinement.  This acoustic collection leaves no doubt as to the sincerity of Real Friends in laying their emotions bare.  And with the new level of depth they provide comes a new level of beauty.

TAGS: Real Friends | Fearless Records

Dan Bowyer

Twitter: @39dgb

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