Album review: Origami Angel – ‘Gen 3’

Origami Angel are set to release their new four-song EP Gen 3 May 31, 2019 via Chatterbot Records, expanding off 2018’s Doing the Most via the same label.

The D.C. two-piece emo band wins you over right away with the opening track “Ruby,” a great emo guitar work song with an awesome tempo and fun-feel to the song. Next up is “Sapphire,” a track with a killer intro and superb vocal work on behalf of vocalist / guitarist Ryland Heagy with drum work from Pat Doherty that is phenomenal.

“Emerald” showcases a fierce vibe that again brings the instrumental heat. “XD Gale of Darkness” has a fun, unique emo/funk intro that is as distinctive as can be, blending into a burly, screamo verse at the end that takes the listener by surprise, ending this collection of music on a heavy note.

Gen 3 is a must-listen for the summer; a great emo album evolution that steps Origami Angel out of their comfort zone to explore the variety of the genre while shining a light on their talent with a diverse, unique and fun EP. From the Pokemon-style font to the Gameboy-style album cover its a nod to the games we love throughout. The first run of Gen 3 Cassettes sold out the first day online but the second run is up for pre-order now on the Chatterbot Records site. Check it all out right here.

TAGS: Origami Angel | Chatterbot Records

Jessi McKee

Twitter: @jmckeephotos

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