Album review: landless – ‘Moonflower’

Slovakian natives, landless released their new EP Moonflower via Famined Records on May 24. Throughout the entirety of the EP the heavy guitar riffs and exceedingly aggressive downbeats keeps the experience intriguing while also lending a hand to the impactful lyrics behind each song.

Beginning with “Golden Days,” this track is a powerful first statement for the EP and impacted me with the instrumentation mimicking the lyrics by being aggressive and angry then softening out toward the end of the song. This song, to me, is about figuring yourself out and finding those days where you feel good about who you are.

Ending the EP with a sole acoustic effort, “Everglow” is interesting considering the heaviness of the EP.  It took me off guard when I listened through the first time because I was not expecting such a soft song on such a heavy record. Showcasing an acoustic song creates a diversity in this collection of music and leaves the listener wanting more. The guitar provides a leading drive for the mellow vocals of Ladislav. Never mentioning “everglow” within the lyrics, there is a sense of lightness and peace that creates a lasting impression.

Moonflower is the EP to listen to whether you’re driving down the road with your windows open, blaring your music or if you’re sitting outside trying to find a sense of peace. If a group with such musical aggression can make an acoustic song work on a heavy record then the heavy instrumentation, vocals and diversity will make anyone a fan of this metalcore band.

TAGS: landless | Famined Records

Sammi Mika

Twitter: @SammiMika

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