Album review: Like Satellites – ‘Nothing Left to Say’

Like Satellites, a Toronto-based alternative band, is set to release their debut EP Nothing Left to Say on May 17, 2019. If you’re a fan of bands such as Tonight Alive, Stand Atlantic or The Maine I wouldn’t pass this one up.

The opening track, “Catch My Breath,” definitely gave me excitement for the rest of the release and didn’t disappoint with its high-energy, pop punk summer vibes. The EP continues with “Renegade,” displaying a more edgy tone while also shining a light on Leah Gillespie’s killer vocals with equally powerful instrumentation from the rest of the band.

Next is “Anchor,” and after listening to the EP in full quite a few times this song has quickly become my favorite. The raw emotion that shines through just really hit something inside me and was a great transition from more upbeat songs to a heavy, hard-hitting emotional track.

Continuing the trend with another classic upbeat summer track, “Take This” is one of those songs you could blast with the windows down and your friends in the car on the way to the beach or a concert. “Homesick” is another hard-hitting song that showcases Gillespie’s emotion while not slowing the tempo down one bit. I’m a huge fan of the instrumentation in this song, especially Alex Bullen’s exceptional drumming. The final track, “CA” starts off with light vocals and instrumentals but quickly picks up to create yet another great hot weather jam. As we near the song’s conclusion, its haunting bridge flows effortlessly into the final chorus, wrapping up the song and EP beautifully.

LS 2

Don’t forget to check out Like Satellites and their vibrant new EP Nothing Left to Say on May 17 and add it to any summer jams playlist you may have. It just may be the EP of the summer.

TAGS: Like Satellites | Tonight Alive | Stand Atlantic | The Maine

Hannah Clough

Twitter: @xMinexIsxGoldx

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