Broadside set to release two new singles this week

Buckle up friends – Broadside is about to drop two new tracks in preparation for their upcoming tour with Set It Off. The tour runs June 11th to July 19th, and then Broadside will be heading back to the studio to record a brand spanking new album.

The first single “King of Nothing” is emo gold with waves of slow melodies building to crashing tides of fast-paced, upbeat instrumentals. Lyrics for “King of Nothing” focus on fighting the loneliness that accompanies the grind to success.  With goosebump-inducing lines “so go and live it up/rotting here alone live it up/paradise of bones/I’ve lost all control” the song sheds light on the emotional turmoil the band battles out on the road.

The second single, “Empty,” is what I would imagine to crying in a bouncy castle would feel like. A fun, upbeat 80’s vibe to the music meets the brutal lyrics about the reality of love that can snap you in half. “Empty” is a playful tune with a refreshing take on the lovesick genre that I anticipate fans will 100% be here for. In Oliver Baxxter’s own words, I wanted to write a dance-y song making fun of how unfortunate it is to be in love, sometimes.” 

If these songs are any indication of what we can expect from the upcoming tour and album we may be in for Broadside’s finest, most authentic and relatable work yet. The singles will be available to stream May 15th and for a vinyl-only release via Victory Records, on limited edition, colored 7 inch. In the fall of 2019, the band returns to Europe for a month+ long tour and more slated for 2020.

B tour

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Jessi McKee

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