Coming Clean – ‘Dead End // Detour’

Toronto’s Coming Clean dives right into their new album Dead End // Detour, due for release Friday May 3, 2019, with fresh energy, fun hooks and upbeat chugs of bass. Zesty riffs meet eager pop punk vocals in the first track track “Don’t Get your Hopes Up.”

The current single “Pharmacophobia” pulls back the veil over mental health in a striking music video, half lighthearted band in a basement jamming and half narrative of attempting to conquer the struggles faced with dealing with mental illness. The video is a nice parallel to the album, delivered in an exciting and fresh way but taking the time to tell an important story.

The guitar work in “Burning Bridges” stands out boldly, with the gritty chord changes that ring the bell of the audiophile. Lyrics like “next time you look back I’ll be good as gone” center around leaving people behind once and for all. “Burning Bridges” finds faith in standing up to deserving better, moving on and moving up.

“All’s Well That Ends Well” firmly ties the theme of the album together with superior instrumental work and interesting vocal combinations. Vocals with depth for days and a mix that really makes the song shine. The album in whole is fun, yet sincere. With a valuable message and first rate delivery, Dead End // Detour is well-positioned to be a pop punk standout album this year.

Dead End // Detour is available everywhere this Friday. Pick it up, give it a spin and know you’re not alone. There’s so many of us struggling through the same battles within our own heads.

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Jessi McKee

Twitter: @jmckeephotos

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