The Story Changes – ‘To Hell With This Delicate Equation’

The Story Changes is set to drop their newest record To Hell With This Delicate Equation on April 26, 2019. The album covers a wide variety of musical stylings, from acoustic to heavy instrumentation, weaving them throughout the entirety of the release. Featuring members of Hawthorne Heights (Mark McMillon and Christopher Popadak) and The Stereo (Chris Serafini), some songs showcase that influence, but the gravity and content are wildly different.

Photo: Jeremy Ward

The last track on the record, “Cleveland,” caught me off guard. An acoustic song at the end of an album is a statement within itself but this soft, powerful conclusion made me reflect on it more. The song is about having hope of being with a loved one forever. The soft vocal tones of Mike McMillon lend to the impact of the song, creating a theme of love woven throughout and left me with a sense of hope for my own future.

Many people have their own demons to deal with and “Monsters” portrays this in a way most of us can relate to… by turning up the radio. The song begins with an upbeat guitar and then asserts how these monsters try to change who you are. At the end of the day, music is there for you and this song reminds me of how music helps me suppress those monsters.

This album is a showcase of diversity between strong musicianship and equally powerful vocals. This dynamic will appeal to a variety of people, whether they like heavier music or more of a pop punk vibe.

TAGS: The Story Changes | Hawthorne Heights | The Stereo

Sammi Mika

Twitter: @SammiMika


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