gP. – ‘sexindustryfolklore’

The upcoming release of sexindustryfolklore from the re-invented gP., formerly Ghost Parade, is going to put you in your feels. That is- if you weren’t already, which is unlikely, at least for me- I’m in my feels approximately 95% of the time. Anyways, back to the topic at hand- gP.’s new EP.

Four tracks are displayed through this release featuring “Fangs Out” as one of the pre-released singles, giving a generous glimpse into the feeling of the project. The other tracks: “Für Zoe,” “Daffy Duck,” and “Tape You” all fall under the same vibey, rock-infused feel.

I get Dance Gavin Dance meets Chase Atlantic vibes from this, with hints of The Killers too. In fact, it feels just familiar enough to love it in a way that doesn’t feel forced, but unique in the sense that I’ve literally never heard any use of intentional distortion that I’ve enjoyed. Props to gP. for that one. “Daffy Duck” is a personal favorite.

Fans can expect some epic music videos to accompany this release, and the dirty trip rock feel will allow for some seriously great gigs. I just picture everyone closing their eyes and letting this music wash over them, but that might be some weird personal thing that only I do and the rest of the attendees will look on worryingly.

Nevertheless, you can almost taste the air in Oakland, California just by listening, and I really did enjoy listening to this EP from start to finish. I’m stoked for the future of gP. and am happy to see them make a comeback. With the looks of this release, you should be too! The future is looking up.

Thanks for reading, and as always, I’m around on my socials if ya wanna chat!

Catch you on the flip side (wherever that might be)!!


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Meredith Tracey

Twitter: @Meredithmae_

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