Silverstein – ‘Redux: The First 10 Years’

Back at it again with their upcoming album Redux: The First 10 Years is the dynamic five-piece post-hardcore outfit, Silverstein, from Ontario, Canada due for release April 12, 2019.

The band has been around for some time and still are making a name for themselves. Redux is a perfect representation of how Silverstein has evolved as a band throughout the years. The album consists of 12 classics spanning the first 10 years of their musical career.

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Considering their longevity, I have not only been able to watch the band grow, but I’ve been able to grow with them. Their lyrics have helped me through some rough times, as I’m sure it has for others. Out of every band/artist I listen to, Silverstein is one of the only that have yet to put out an album I didn’t enjoy. One standout quality about the band is their stage presence. I’ve been to many concerts and can honestly say Silverstein is still my favorite to see. They’re energetic, interactive and it truly shows how much they appreciate their fans.

Silverstein will be hitting the road this summer with August Burns Red and Silent Planet. I highly suggest going out to support not only Silverstein, but the others as well. It’s going to be one powerful show.

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Taylor Wells

Twitter: @mylifeastaylor_

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