Postcards From the Moon – ‘Me Without You’

Postcards from the Moon are releasing their Sophomore EP Me Without You, on April 5th. After giving the five song EP a few spins, it’s safe to say this is a breakup album.


The San Antonio five piece start the EP with “Just Make Sure You’re Happy,” a pop, almost… country melody, with boy band-like vocals from Caleb Rangel and violin (Rolando Valentin) standing out in the instrumentals.

“Just Make Sure You’re Happy” questions the validity of the love and hopes those we lose find the love they deserve. Me Without You is listed as pop punk but the album feels far more pop. A lovesick EP with piano and violin and a little edge, this album could have massive success in the pop markets.

“Wish You the Best” has an melodic piano intro that is beautiful and the music pairs well with the vocals.  “Eighteen” is a sweet and mellow love song that closes out the EP of callow love lost.

Postcards from the Moon has described the EP as “a reflection and acceptance of things we cannot change.” Overall, Me Without You might just be the album that pulls you through your next breakup with the knowledge that you’re not the only one out there going through the heartache, trying to cope and move on. 


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Jessi McKee

Twitter: @jmckeephotos

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