Bad Luck. – ‘Drug Phase’

What’s up ladies and germs, I’m here to tell you about an EP that I am extremely stoked on- but what else is new? Bad Luck. is set to release their newest project, Drug Phase, on March 29, 2019 via Take This To Heart Records. The EP features six tracks and is an incredible indicator of the future for the NYC-based dudes. After an almost four-year hiatus, it is no exaggeration that fans are desperate for new jams. Rest assured, listeners! It is coming, and it is great.

Bad Luck Promo Photo 1 - Credit - Nick Surette
Photo: Nick Surette

You’ve probably heard “Sheep Song” and “Wish We Still Talked,” as they are the pre-released singles off this project. If you haven’t, I’ve just gasped in absolute horror at your actions, but you can listen below.

“Sheep Song,” the more recent single released on March 12th, is one of those songs that makes you ask: “How did they think to do that?!”. This song is different in contrast to anything I’ve heard within the genre in quite some time. The bouncy pre-chorus, that is met with the traditional Bad Luck. guitar vibe, makes for a track that stands out from the rest. I also have to mention the funky bass tone and smooth vocals that are accompanied toward the end of the song. Simply put, “Sheep Song” is a pleasure to listen to.

“Impressive Depressive” is the opening track off the release, and immediately fans are greeted by the familiar sound of Bad Luck. that they know and love. The impressive vocal abilities of Dominick Fox are hard to miss, and the passion throughout the song is evident. It is precisely that passion that makes this band great, if you ask me.

“Mean Dudes” is up next, and I love this song for a lot of reasons, but I think the catchy lyrics are what get me. The chorus is literally “you don’t have to be so mean dude,” and for being something so simple, I have a feeling these lyrics will be the ones that are screamed back the loudest at a show. Also, there is this saturated, almost a bit distorted (?), guitar part at the end of the track that is a predecessor to a warm tone set of guitars, and it gives me all the Kings of Leon vibes. Any time I get KOL vibes on a pop punk record, that band earns a life-long fan in me. I say this because it has never happened before, and Bad Luck is stuck with me forever now.

BL 3
Photo: Nick Surette

“Drug Phase” has a heavier set of lyrics, ones I believe you should hear for yourself before hearing my thoughts on them. I appreciate the vulnerability in this song, truthfully, and it resonates with me on a deeper level. On a strictly musical note, though, there is a sick breakdown at about the two-minute mark, and the gritty vocals are as great as ever on this track.

“P.S. Wiffle Ball” ends the project as a stripped down acoustic song and its theme is similar to that of the whole EP- recognizing your faults. Or, at least, that’s what this EP has targeted in me. The lyrics I resonate with most are ones I’ve interpreted as being about recognizing that you can be your own worst enemy. There is something extremely humbling about that idea.

If this review made you think, “Damn! I can’t wait for this to drop!”, then I strongly suggest you pre-order Drug Phase here. For any North Eastern US fans, the guys are going on a four-show run coming up on March 28. Dates are listed below, and if you have the opportunity to get to the gig, do it! I will have the pleasure of checking them out in Philadelphia, PA on March 31st.

BL 4

Thanks as always for reading, and let me know your thoughts on release day via my socials! I can’t wait to chat with you.

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