Photo Spotlight: The Living Proof Tour

Recently I went to see State Champs with Our Last Night, The Dangerous Summer, and Grayscale. I have waited very long to finally photograph a State Champs show, and I’m so lucky I got such an amazing lineup to go with it. It’s been just over a week and I almost still don’t believe it.


Photo: Skylar Cleland

Grayscale was up first, and if there’s a band that knows how to get the crowd going, it’s them.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

Their set was much too short for my liking because I had so much fun photographing them. They got every person in the room hyped up for the rest of the night.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

Grayscale kills it every time I see them. It’s really an amazing show to watch and I can’t wait to see them on their next tour.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

The Dangerous Summer

Photo: Skylar Cleland

The Dangerous Summer was a treat to see live. They’ve influenced some of my favorite bands and it was cool to see what they were all about.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

I had never taken the time to listen to their music before the show, but you can bet I have their songs in my music library now.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

Our Last Night

Photo: Skylar Cleland

I love Our Last Night’s live show, and oh my God, they were SO much fun to photograph. They’re one of those bands that uses heavy smoke and incredible lights. It was hard to know where to look because there was something interesting going on everywhere on stage.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

The photos I took of OLN are probably my favorite from this show, although I do love them all. I’ve seen OLN about three times now, and their live show never gets old. There were tons of crowd surfers throughout their set and the energy was absolutely wild. OLN killed it and I would photograph them again in a heartbeat.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

State Champs

Photo: Skylar Cleland

Wow – still can’t believe I photographed a State Champs show. The moment they walked on stage the crowd went wild. State Champs is always so good and you could feel the energy in the room building up to the point when the band came out on stage.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

They played a perfect mixture of old and new material and I loved every second of it. I saw State Champs in the old Masquerade and now, seeing them in the new Masquerade, it was incredible.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

State Champs always puts on an amazing show and they’re so fun to watch. You can clearly tell they’re having the time of their lives, and if you’re in the crowd, so are you.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

These bands are all so amazing, and I’m shocked Atlanta didn’t sell out. If they’re coming to your city soon, check this show out. It is well worth every penny. State Champs is also heading out with Sad Summer Fest later this year, and you definitely won’t want to miss that one.

Photo: Skylar Cleland

SC Tour

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