Youth Fountain – ‘Letters To Our Former Selves’

Following the successful release of a self-titled EP in 2018 on Pure Noise Records, Vancouver duo Youth Fountain return with their first full-length record entitled Letters To Our Former Selves for the label, due for release on March 8, 2019.

YF 3
Photo: Brandynnleigh Photography

In an age where sadness sells, Youth Fountain quickly transcend this as the 12 tracks that comprise Letters To Our Former Selves are not gimmicky in an effort to sell records but rather, are the creative outlet for genuine pain.  The evidence of this is that all 12 songs have a poignant, raw quality to them that cannot be faked.

The tracks from Youth Fountain’s earlier EP are expertly woven together with new material to create a stunning collection.  Some tracks are intentionally written in such a way that one song seamlessly transitions to another, notably “Helpless”/”Letters To Our Former Selves” and “Furlough”/”Lucid.”

Standout tracks include “Worried” and lead single “Deadlocked.”

By embracing, instead of fearing their pain on Letters To Our Former Selves, Youth Fountain will overcome this pain instead of being controlled by it. The result of this courage is a record that is an early front-runner to be Album of the Year in 2019.

YF 2

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Dan Bowyer

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