Buckcherry – ‘Warpaint’

Buckcherry are back with their eighth studio album, Warpaint, out March 8, 2019 via Century Media/RED Music. Following 2015’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, this is a more evolved version of the band, from the diversity of their songs to their signature guitar solos.

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Photo: Jeremy Saffer

“Head Like a Hole,” originally by Nine Inch Nails, flows well with the surrounding original tracks. Josh Todd’s rough, gravelly voice provides a different experience from the original, adding to the versatility Buckcherry has to offer. Transitioning straight into “Radio Song,” the softest track on the album gives a reprieve between the heavier songs creating a sense of calm before the storm.

The entirety of the album boasts a diversity of catchy guitar riffs, a distinctive trait of Buckcherry. Tracks such as “No Regrets,” “The Alarm” and the title track “Warpaint” showcase this quality. The plentiful solos display the talent both Stevie D. and Kevin Roentgen share.

“No Regrets” and “Radio Song” are the tracks that made an impact on me most. “No Regrets” is one of the more unique songs on the album, pulling influences from the folk genre. The juxtaposition of the instrumentation compared to the lyrics blends well. Those who feel music has made an impact on their life will enjoy this song just as much as I did. “Radio Song” reflects on how our minds can’t be quiet, yet when our favorite song is on we can get lost in it and forget everything going on for that short amount of time.

The entire album is an emotional roller coaster. Each song provokes certain emotions, with the softer songs making for an impactful listen. The heavier tracks are what you might expect from Buckcherry, but the softer-toned songs display a certain level of talent, challenging the band to create music out of their comfort zone, and it paid off.

Overall, Warpaint is worth a listen, whether you’ve been a fan since the beginning or are looking for a new band to get into.  The album is filled with angst, remorse, pleasure and reflection creating music anyone can listen to and feel some emotion.

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