Nude Shoes – ‘Suburban Ceremonies’

Nude Shoes is set to release a lively and dynamic EP, Suburban Ceremonies, on March 1, 2019 via Know Hope Records. The four-song collection is honest, vulnerable and composed in vivid and dynamic emo fashion.

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Photo: Last Light Photo & Video

Opening with a tune centered around the ramifications of a collapse of a relationship, “Couple’s Jenga” resounds the complex emotions of walking away from someone you love.

The second song on the EP, “Headache For A Decade” has a charming video out now which focuses on Andy Katz’s struggle with Ulcerative Colitis, a 14-year battle Katz has recently opened up about in relation to the mental and physical tolls the condition takes. Looking at his condition with a little light in the video, it’s certainly a funny and sweet video; a closer examination of the lyrics show the real pain and struggle of the affliction Katz struggles with: “With every med that’s beside my bed/and it’s the nurses hands keep me from this ledge/and I bet/you don’t know what a headache this is/not wanting to wake up alone/but wishing I would wake up dead.”

“Mental Stencil” has an intro you will quickly fall for, with deep bass cuts and an anthemic guitar and drum feel. Centered around realizing you’re growing apart, the song has a vocal mix with a very rad echo effect that plays great with the overall theme of the song. The fourth and final song on the EP, “Gamma Jack” comes in blazing with the guitar work again and candid lyrics about feeling unstable: “No fair warning from happy to manic/uninspired, unrelenting, unpredictable, unhinged/The less I say, the better off I’ll be.”

Suburban Ceremonies is a confessional conversation to fans with upbeat emo blasts of commanding instrumentals where the guitar work shines.

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Jessi McKee

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