The Sunday Sadness – ‘The Sunday Sadness’

The Sunday Sadness, hailing from Bordeaux, France, are dropping their self-titled EP on February 15, 2019. This band is unique, fusing together electronic synths, dark lyrics and varying vocal styles. Matthieu Kirby and John Fine’s soft vocals compliment the melancholy lyrics with a lighter tone while Chris Laurent’s vocal approach provides an edgier tone to some of their songs, making this EP one to listen to.


Each song on the EP pushes the musical envelope by lacing different beats with the diverse vocal styles. “Lost in the Crowd,” the inaugural track off the EP, illustrates this coexistence beautifully. The song emphasizes the idea of being trapped in your own mind while slipping through the cracks.

Though a few songs have been pre-released, they only shed some light to what else this band has in store. Mildly the songs are similar, expanding on what The Sunday Sadness does, and does well.

“The Wrong Way” starts off strong with the chorus creating a sense of euphoria. Featuring Mattie Foxx, the climax resides in the strong chorus, drawing together the rapping parts from Foxx to the strong message from Kirby.

Concluding the EP, “Sad Songs” flows nicely with an upbeat tempo that contradicts the somber lyrics. To appreciate the complexity, versatility and dynamic of it, I recommend listening to the song multiple times.

This collection of music boasts a mixture of genres, with the nucleus being the upbeat nature of the songs, providing a sense of happiness while the lyrics concurrently create a sense of deeper understanding. When I listen to the lyrics I feel calm, as if I understand a piece of myself through identifying with the songs. This EP is for someone who ever felt misunderstood, either by themselves or the people around them. It’s dark, but uplifting.

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