Calling All Captains – ‘Nothing Grows Here’

Many have experienced the rush of joyous adrenaline that cascades over us when we discover an unexpected gift, like that $20 bill that was left in a spring jacket in October and not found until the next April.  Calling All Captains of Edmonton, Canada are somewhat of a musical equivalent to this, thus far a hidden gem that won’t be hidden for long and will bring joy to many.


Following two self-released EPs and the standout single “Nerve,” Calling All Captains caught the attention of Equal Vision Records and are set to release their third EP, Nothing Grows Here, via the label on February 8th, 2019.  The five-track effort showcases the quintet’s catchy yet aggressive pop-punk, which is captured well in the urgency of “Disconnected” and “Out Of My Head,” while “Chasing Ghosts” implores the listener to move forward from vocalist Luc Gauthier’s first words: “If you want better, then go get it”.

After extensively touring in Western and Central Canada, and sharing the stage with many staples of their genre, Calling All Captains is preparing to celebrate the release of Nothing Grows Here by embarking on their first full US tour that begins on February 15th and runs through April 11th.  Along the way, hopefully many across the US will discover Calling All Captains and experience what Canadians have known for a long time: This band is the real deal.


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Dan Bowyer

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