Small Talks – ‘A Conversation Between Us’

From the first upbeat notes of “Better For It”, the opener of A Conversation Between Us, the project of Myrtle Beach native Cayley Spivey, it is obvious the next ten tracks of the album will be special.


Due for release on February 1st, 2019 via Common Ground Records, A Conversation Between Us does not have a skippable track on it. Spivey is clearly devoted to her art, as a way of working through the emotions life throws at us, and helping others to do the same.  As such, one speculates that A Conversation Between Us is not only art, but also functions as the purging of everything that holds Spivey and her listeners back from living life to the fullest.

This is music that is about connection, the antidote to isolation.  Lead singles “Quiet Sounds” and “Nicotine & Tangerines” are album highlights, absolutely full of energetic riffs and lively vocals.

After supporting Broadside for a month in the later stages of 2018, Small Talks is gearing up to hit the road again in support of Can’t Swim from February 14th through March 3rd, 2019.  A Conversation Between Us is proof of the fact that Spivey and Small Talks are making a positive impact within the genre they’re part of, but also on people’s lives.  And that positive impact is anything but small.

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