Set It Off – ‘Midnight’

You know that song you hear once, it’s so catchy that it gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day? Set It Off is about to release an entire album full of those songs on Midnight, available Friday February 1, 2019 via Fearless Records.

For an album that centers around the idea of imperfection, Midnight is quite perfect. The album combines sounds from both old and new, building off their previous release of Upside Down.

Appropriately named Midnight, the songs on the album create emotion, similar to the feeling of sitting in your room alone, late at night.  Generating a diversity of sounds and musicianship, displayed beautifully in the five pre-released songs, you will feel when listening to this record.

The collaborations on Midnight are amazing, blending perfectly with the other elements found throughout. Lyrically the album is incredibly honest, while the instrumentation paints each song as something different and unique.

My standout tracks are “Different Songs,” “I Want You (Gone)” and “Hourglass.” Every song on this album tells a story and is so dynamic.

Midnight is Set It Off’s fourth full-length album and debut with Fearless Records. Do yourself a favor and listen to it right at Midnight on Friday. If you want to give yourself an even better gift, and see this album come to life, catch the “Midnight World Tour” starting this February in North America.

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Skylar Cleland

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