Chase Atlantic – ‘Don’t Try This’ EP

The new EP from Chase AtlanticDon’t Try This (available January 25, 2019 via MDDN), amplifies what their fans are used to hearing from the Australian trio.

One of the striking features of this group is their incorporation of saxophone on top of the beat drops and rapping, making it known that their music is versatile while also adding a level of intimacy. Many of the songs on Don’t Try This are about romance and having a lover of sorts. Their song “Lust” features more integration of the saxophone. It serves as an undertone to Mitchel Cave’s softer quality of singing, but in the right spots becomes the driving force.

Photo credit: Ryan Watanabe

Each song on the EP maintains the relative theme of intimacy and the way it’s portrayed throughout makes it seem innocent enough, which is the hidden gem in their music. The voices of Mitchel Cave and Christian Anthony overlapping with the saxophone results in a pure sound, with the lyrics portraying a deeper meaning while boasting the amount of flexibility this band holds in their hands.

Their songs blend R&B with alternative rock, while at the same time pushing boundaries. The band knows what works for them and expands on those aspects, creating the best music that reflects themselves while also giving fans something they will enjoy. Everything comes together well on the EP, creating an opportunity for those who may not know a lot about Chase Atlantic to want to hear more.

“Lust” and “What U Call That” are the tracks that resonated with me most. They’re easy listening, subtle and provides insight to the raw talent of the band. Each song holds its ground and has earned its place on the EP.

For those searching for something different, this EP is for you. Don’t Try This offers something subtle, beautiful, intimate and easy going that will calm somebody while also getting them hyped up for their day.

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