Dead Fall – ‘Never Expected’

Dead Fall are coming back with their latest release on January 25th, 2019 and I am personally guaranteeing you it’ll be the best 17 minutes you spend on music that day.

Never Expected, dropping just over three years after the Kent, Ohio five-piece’s last EP, opens with “AC,” a track that will have your ears perking up immediately. This song has an addictive bounce in the guitar parts, accompanied by a fiery chorus that made all of the little imaginary lightning bolts in my brain simultaneously collide. Do you feel me?

df 2

They follow it up with “Delude,” and just, wow. This song gives me major Like Pacific vibes, as does much of the EP, so if you’re at all a fan of those Canadians you’ll love this project. The song highlights the intense vocal abilities of Jake Gambatese, to which I have to say are amazing. His approach, switching from traditional pop punk yelling to vulnerably singing about his emotions, is a quality this scene thrives on.

The third song, “Drowned Out”, is the featured single off Never Expected and I highly recommend you listen now. It gives quite a good idea of what to expect, on… Never Expected…HA. I am so sorry. I get it if you stop reading now.

The song is an absolute banger and home to one of my favorite lyrics on the release, “you’re transient and so far gone,” that echos in the back. The layering in this mix is simply incredible and I can’t help but to be in awe.

Next up is the title track, “Never Expected,” and I feel like I need to yell about this one, so… brace yourselves. THIS SONG IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I AM SWEATING. MY EYES ARE LEAKING. MY HEART IS SHATTERED. I AM DUST.

Alright, now that I got that out, let me preface: I have been obsessed recently with slowed down, emo-rock. Is that even a genre? I don’t know. I’ve been listening to a lot of Title Fight, okay? “Never Expected” has that AMAZING cool-tone guitar that I just can’t seem to get enough of, and the lyrics on this track are my absolute favorite out of the five. For real guys, this song has been on repeat since I got my hands on it.

df 1

This sweet slice of pop-punk magic comes to an end with the fifth track, “Temporary Bliss.” The title of this song quite literally describes what the EP brought me. It is angsty, the guitar and bass tracks are in true pop-punk-banger fashion and everything about it makes you want to jump around. 10/10 track.

To wrap it up, let’s reflect on a few things!

The drums throughout this entire EP are clean, something I am particularly sensitive to when listening to this genre of music. The vocals and harmonies are incredible, paired with lyrics I can already hear being screamed in a room full of kids who will inevitably love this band after hearing Never Expected.

This is a quick glimpse into the abilities of the guys in Dead Fall, and I can’t accurately express how stoked I am to see what else they pull out in the future.

If you’re looking to get in on the hype, which I highly recommend, you can pre-order the EP now, with some really cool bundles also available:

Pre-order Never Expected from Dead Fall

df 3

And look! They’re going on tour too!!

df 2

I’ll stop rambling now, but I’ll meet you online for this release on January 25th. Let’s chat!!

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