Top Five EPs of 2018: Taylor Wells

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Taylor Wells | Contributor

Honorable Mentions

The Weekend Classic – Better Health
Standout track: “Room to Grow”

The Happy Alright – Run Home
Standout track: “Run Home”

A Decade Apart – Premonitions, Pt. 1
Standout track: “Forgiveness”

Top 5 EPs

5. Tiny Kingdoms – Realms
Standout track: “Vices”

4. Summer Wars – Borrowed Time
Standout track: “End of an Era”

3. We Are The Movies – …Or Get Busy Dying.
Standout track: “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying”

2. Overgrow – The House You Made
Standout track: “Ease”

1. Idle Wave – Idle Wave
Standout track: “Calm”

What are your thoughts on Taylor’s Top Five EPs of 2018?
Let her know on Twitter: @mylifeastaylor_

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Taylor Wells

Twitter: @mylifeastaylor_

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