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Skylar Cleland | Contributor/Photographer

I thought last year’s Top Ten was hard, but that was nothing compared to this year. 201  was full of amazing music and I was finally able to narrow it down to just 10. All I know is this: 2019- you have some big shoes to fill if you want to compare to the music that 2018 gave us.

10. DON BROCO – Technology
Standout track: “Come Out to L.A.”

If you don’t know who DON BROCO is, you’re missing out. This album is a masterpiece and if you haven’t listened to it, what are you even doing?

9. This Wild Life – Petaluma
Standout track: “Positively Negative”

This Wild Life makes me emotional every time I hear one of their songs. This album was amazing and I can’t wait to hear what they have coming next.

8. Panic! At the Disco – Pray For The Wicked
Standout track: “High Hopes”

Brendon Urie keeps coming back with some amazing vocals and I am more impressed every time he releases an album.

7. Mayday Parade – Sunnyland
Standout track: “Piece of Your Heart”

Who doesn’t love some Mayday Parade? ‘Sunnyland’ was the perfect album for this year.

6. Against The Current – Past Lives
Standout track: “I Like The Way”

This whole album kills it. Against The Current came back stronger musically and lyrically and I cannot wait to hear songs from this album performed live.

5. As It Is – The Great Depression
Standout track: “The Fire, The Dark”

This album is incredibly dark, raw and emotional and I am living for this new As It Is era.

4. With Confidence – Love and Loathing
Standout track: “Better”

After everything With Con went through in the last year, this album is absolutely phenomenal. They put their heart and souls into this work of art.

3. Waterparks – Entertainment
Standout track: “Rare”

It wouldn’t be my top 10 if Waterparks wasn’t on it. This band is incredibly talented and the fact that they are constantly improving is amazing.

2. State Champs – Living Proof
Standout track: “Frozen”

This album is one of the best I have ever heard in my life. Champs gave us their all and it’s quite possibly some of the best music I have heard in my life.

1. 5 Seconds of Summer – Youngblood
Standout track: “Ghost of You”

You can judge all you want, but this album is so insanely good. The guys went on a two-year hiatus and came back better than ever; and of course, who doesn’t love some sad songs you can dance to. 5SOS really earned their #1 spot on my list.

What are your thoughts on Skylar’s Top Ten Albums of 2018?
Let her know on Twitter: @skyxx97

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Skylar Cleland

Twitter: @skyxx97

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