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Tiffany Brakefield | Contributor

I knew that picking my top ten albums of 2018 was going to be tough, but when I sat down to start picking I was overwhelmed by the amount of amazing music we got this year. Below is the list of my 10 favorite albums of 2018 and standout tracks from each.

10. Against the CurrentPast Lives

Standout track: “P.A.T.T.”
I love the upbeat 80’s feel this song has, while talking about a trickier subject matter like societal expectations, a topic I feel many people can relate to. ​

9. Panic! At the DiscoPray For the Wicked​

Standout track: “Hey Look Ma, I Made It”
It’s unmitigatedly catchy and is definitely one of my go-to songs when I need a pick-me-up!​

8. State ChampsLiving Proof

Standout track: “Our Time to Go”
“Nothing hurts more than saying I’m fine…” because who hasn’t felt like that at some point in their life? ​

7. Andrew McMahon in the WildernessUpside Down Flowers​

Standout track: “This Wild Ride”
The piano, the lyrics and the vocals are so moving and beautiful. It’s one of my favorite songs he’s ever done. ​

6. With ConfidenceLove and Loathing

Standout tracks: “Bruise” | “That Something”
Experiencing the band performing “That Something” at Warped Tour in Charlotte, in the rain, with so much energy made me love this song even more! ​

5. Twenty One PilotsTrench

Standout tracks: “Neon Gravestones” | “Legend”
Like Tyler, I lost a grandparent this year. The emotion behind “Legend” can be understood by anyone who too has experienced loss. “Neon Gravestones” hit close to home as someone who has dealt with anxiety and depression my whole life. It delves into the extremely difficult subject of suicide and self-harm in a way most artists shy away from. Tyler and Josh have never been afraid to be open and honest about mental health; often discussing darker subject matters. This has allowed so many to feel connected to them and their music in a completely unique way from other bands.

4. Kacey MusgravesGolden Hour​

Standout tracks: “Rainbow” | “Happy & Sad”
It’s not the normal music covered here on Spinning Thoughts, but Kacey has been one of my favorite artists since her debut album. With lyrics that are endlessly relatable: “I don’t mind at all, no, I’m used to fallin’. I’m comfortable when the sky is gray. But when everything is perfect, I start hidin’. ‘Cause I know that rain is comin’ my way, my way.” With a screw-what-is-expected-of-me attitude, she’s changing the country/pop country game. ​

3. Shawn Mendes – Shawn Mendes​

Standout track: “Youth” (ft. Khalid)
Inspired by the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017, “Youth” talks about the feeling of helplessness from seeing headlines every day of horrible things happening around the world and the determination to not let that take your youth/joy away. Shawn also has a youth sweatshirt in his merch store with part of the proceeds going to March For Our Lives. ​Check it out here.

2. WaterparksEntertainment

Standout track: “We Need To Talk”
Anyone who read my Warped Tour piece from this summer knows how much I love this Waterparks. The whole album is fantastic, but “I wish you didn’t tell me I was special cause now it’s far too hard to see through” might be my favorite lyric on the whole record! ​

1. 5 Seconds of Summer – Youngblood

Standout tracks: “Monster Among Men” | “Babylon”
This is one album that you can put on and just let play. No skipping around required. I have loved 5sos’ music from the beginning and was excited for this release, especially considering the group’s hiatus. I was definitely not disappointed! Youngblood is a more mature, versatile sound from their previous releases and look forward to their future work.

What are your thoughts on Tiffany’s Top Ten Albums of 2018? Let her know on Twitter: @tiffanyhope013!

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Tiffany Brakefield

Twitter: @tiffanyhope013

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