Come Clean – ‘From Down the Street’

Come Clean, the pop punk trio from Greensboro, NC., is set to drop their new EP, From Down the Street, via Standby Records on December 7, 2018. The four-track EP immediately kicks into high gear with “High Guy,” an uptempo fury of punk rock bliss. This is a song that belongs accompanied by a circle pit and slam dance moves.

Followed by “Clarity” with squealing guitars, a fury of bass drum and lyrics “I never thought it’d bury me, just like this broken melody.” With precise instrumentals, approachable lyrics and a fresh vocal tone this track keeps the collection fast-paced and peppy.

CC 3

Slowing things down only ever so slightly is “Complicated,” a song chock full of chug that lends an emo vibe with wonderfully gritty vocals. “When I’m Falling” is loaded with power chords and a bit of Tom Delonge-feel throughout the vocal accents in the chorus that dish out classic pop punk nostalgia to a killer crowd participation track.

When performing songs off From Down the Street live, I would fully expect to see various members of the band running through the audience and doing bass spins, taking full advantage of the energy this music displays to create a highly entertaining live show. Hopefully we see a tour announcement follow the EP and can experience the music in full volume and performance force.

CC 2

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Jessi McKee

Twitter: @jmckeephotos

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