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Idle Wave is a pop-punk band from Asbury Park, New Jersey. Previously known as Flammable Animals, the band shifted their sound and decided to change their name to Idle Wave. Idle Wave’s upcoming self-titled EP focuses on depression and situations being out of your control. The band recently released a music video for their current single off the release, “You Caught Me.”

Interview with Idle Wave’s Guy Battaglia

ST: How did Idle Wave come together and get its start?
GB: We met in college and began writing songs to play at basement shows under the name Flammable Animals. Upon graduating we continued to play and write songs but wanted to clean up our image and grow as a collective. This resulted in a rebranding, changing our name to Idle Wave and writing honest music for more than the 30 friends who came to sweat with us in a crowded Jersey Shore basement.

ST: What bands/artists were major influences for your upcoming EP?
GB: For this EP we drew inspiration from up-and-coming DIY bands such as Mom Jeans., Remo Drive, and Prince Daddy and the Hyena. Diving deep into these great artists and their journeys of success we never lost sight of our pop music roots of rock bands such as The Beatles and Weezer. We all have diverse music interests and a genuine appreciation of musicianship but for these new songs I cannot deny that these groups had a valued influence on our work ethic and positivity.

ST: Where was the EP recorded and who had a role in its creation outside of the band?
GB: We tracked the songs at Portrait Recording Studios in North Jersey with John Ferrara (Trophy Scars). Stephen Kellner (Van Atta High, Roderick) was a major helping hand in our old recordings and assisted in our demoing and writing. We also need to give credit to our bass player Matt as well as our good friends Artie and PJ for helping us demo these songs out before hitting the studio.

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ST: Favorite memories from the studio?
GB: Our studio time was short, yet critical and productive, but there was a moment where Matt tracked bass for two songs in under 20 minutes. Kevin and I were tuning our guitars and warming up our fingers to track and were under the impression that we had way more time to prepare so that was insane. In addition, our buddy Jon was opening for Bon Jovi the night we tracked vocals so we made a goal to finish up and make the concert last minute and we did. That was rad.

ST: What do you hope to accomplish with this release in late 2018 early 2019?
GB: To date, these songs are our most honest work recorded in a new environment that amplified our expression and provided the clarity we have been searching for. We have a good deal of optimism for 2019 and wish to continue writing, recording, making friends, and traveling to never stop creating beautiful content.

ST: Tell us about your next show and why we should be there?
GB: Our next show will be December 1st at the Asbury Park Brewery to celebrate the release of these new tracks. Joining us for the event will be Roderick, Pollyanna and Skyeline. You should be there to enjoy delicious craft beers with us and jam out to some awesome local songwriters that all have wonderful intentions of creating great songs and sharing their music to a wider reach whenever possible.

ST: If you can have your fans/new listeners remember one thing about your band, what would it be?
GB: I am very fortunate to be able to make music with my friends and have people listen to it. Regardless of the effort that is put into the process on our end, I wake up every morning extremely grateful for the good in my life and we should never lose sight of that good. Much love.

You can pre-order the upcoming self-titled EP from Idle Wave now, releasing everywhere December 1. If you’re in the area, check out their release show the same day!

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