Concert Highlight: The Discarded

The Discarded are a three-piece “intergenerational” (their word) garage punk band from Orangeville, Ontario; about an hour north of Toronto.  Made up of singer/guitarist JP Wasson and his sons Jared Dean (19) on bass and Caden Jax (16) on drums.

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JP, known as a drummer in various influential Toronto-area bands in the 90’s, started The Discarded a couple years ago to help his kids learn how to play their instruments.  In that time, they’ve released two full length albums and have recently finished recording a trio of EPs to be released in 2019.

I had the chance to catch The Discarded recently at Rivoli in Toronto, ON. on November 17, 2018. Getting up on stage in matching black bowling shirts with their names embroidered on their chests and their hearts on their sleeve (literally, The Discarded heart logo is embroidered on the sleeve), they started the night with their song, “Do You Want It Now?”, off their second release, Manifesto.  JP led the trio through a selection of songs from both records as well as a couple of new ones from their upcoming EP Not From This Town.  In recognition of the recent legalization of cannabis and the smell of weed along Queen St. in Toronto, they played a song JP wrote in the 90s with his then band, The Snowdogs, called “Pot Stinks”.  The crowd could be seen getting into songs such as “Could That Be You” and “Timebomb Heart” from their first release.

The Discarded write solid punk songs that ring true in today’s day and age with a sound that is reminiscent of earlier punk pioneers.  When asked how he would describe their album Manifesto, JP said, “The words are all about social commentary.  It’s how we see the world and how we want things to be. The hypocrisy of falling into a trap of consumerism and getting stuck on the treadmill of a full time job because of debt.  It’s about being real and down to earth; being kind to people regardless of their station in life.”  Recently Jared and Caden have taken an active role in writing the music that will be part of the upcoming EPs.

This was my third time seeing The Discarded in about a year.  JP is a really good guitarist and lead singer, he handles the front-man duties like the consummate pro that he is.  What really impressed me is how in that time Caden and Jared have really come into their own, honing their skills as musicians.  Caden has developed into a proficient drummer that knows his way around the kit and comes up with amazing grooves and fills.  Jared is one of the most entertaining bassists to watch on stage.  He strums, picks and slaps his way through bass lines that are catchy and just as fun to listen to as he is to watch.  It’s great to see the exuberance and excitement about music from young musicians with such great potential.

The Discarded will be releasing their EP Not From This Town on March 9 via Rock Bottom Records

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