Memphis May Fire – ‘Broken’

It’s hard to believe, but this week marks the 6th release of seriously underrated Dallas-based metalcore outfit, Memphis May Fire. To me, the most impressive part is the band’s feverish pace: their debut LP Sleepwalking dropped in 2009 and the band has been constantly touring and writing new music ever since. Six albums in nine years is a feat by itself, but the quality of Broken makes that timeline all the more fascinating.

The album starts with the lead single “The Old Me”. This song has been making its rounds for about a month now and was a solid choice for the first single. It is a heavy song that has amazing and heavy guitar and bass riffs and a very heavy breakdown; but at the same time has a catchy refrain and showcases all of the elements that make Memphis May Fire capable of a crossover audience. This single does a great job setting the tone for the album.

“Watch Out” starts with a heavy groove and doesn’t let up. The song features cool group vocals coupled with captivating harmonies. The breakdown is pointed and heavy, adding a solid transition to the last refrain. “Sell My Soul” has a definite groove to it. While the song has a heavy beat, it uses experimental effects and has an almost bluesy tone.

My favorite track is “Who I Am”.  This song caught my interest from the intro. It is every bit as catchy as it is heavy. I can certainly see this song getting played on hard rock radio as a single to follow up “The Old Me”.

“Heavy Is the Weight” features Andy Mineo, a Christian hip hop artist. The track is slow but with a heavy groove.  The guest vocal is a perfect blend of styles and is not overstated, but rather, adds a great value to a track that already stands out.  “Over It” is another standout song with airwave potential. This may be the most engaging and catchy song on the album. It is heavy, but the melodies are singable and engaging. “Fool” is an emotional track that has a lot of tangible feeling. It is a heavy anthem that’s sure to connect with fans.

“Mark My Words” is another track with a heavy groove. Unlike the earlier tracks in this vein, this song uses the most heavy vocals on the record. “You & Me” is another slow emotional track featuring a stellar vocal performance. “Live Another Day” is the heaviest track on the album and is an incredible apex for this solid collection. The final track truly gives the listener a feeling that this journey was building to this point and sends the album off on a high note.


Make sure you check out Broken, available now via Rise Records! If you haven’t missed it, make sure to go see Memphis May Fire on their current tour with Atreyu and Ice Nine Kills- what a loaded line up!

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