Crooked Teeth – ‘Honey’

Crooked Teeth infuse electronic elements and catchy choruses in the new 5-song EP, Honey, due out Friday November 16 via Rude Records.

The cover art sets the stage for an album that circles around pain and toxic relationships, romantic and otherwise.  Not far from the theme of their previous release, Honey tackles the hurt we can inflict on each other.

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Starting things off with a pop track “Hate Me”, we get a taste of the midi sounds that make appearances throughout Honey.  This track tells the story of breaking your chains with lyrics “take my words and twist them all around, if the truth’s too much to handle / I take deep breaths in spite of this, because I know you love to hate me.”

Sliding into the second track with deeper tones and more bass reverb, “Honey” echoes the dire future predicted. “I don’t really care to watch you leave, it was never that great with you next to me / I think I might die, in the the backseat of this car, held tightly between your arms.”

“Absent” stands out musically with the featured high pitched echo that brings another level of ingenuity to the song mix, keeping the new EP fresh and interesting.

“You and Me (Whatever)” delivers more of the EDM feel with popping beats and sound effects. This heartbreak heavy song slows down the pace ramping back up with each chorus.

Honey is a crowd-pleaser and treks across various genres blending pop, electronic, emo and alternative rock. An empowering EP, Honey spotlights how to rise from the ashes of the relationships that break us the most and rebuild ourselves.

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